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Conference Highlights

Ad Age Small Agency Conference & Awards
July 18+19, 2017

Sheraton Grand Nashville Downtown Hotel
623 Union Street
Nashville, TN

Special room rate details can be found here

July 18 - Welcome Party (6:00pm)
July 19 - Conference & Awards

If there was ever a year to do the unexpected, we’re in it. Not only are silos disintegrating, the lines are so blurry it’s hard to even see where they were. Just what is an “agency” these days? But a small ship is easier to turn than a big ship. So jump into a new arena, embrace new platforms. Launch your own business. Then be so good they can’t ignore you.

This year’s Small Agency Conference will bring you stories of people who have done just that. Independent agencies that are now so good, clients come knocking on their doors. New agencies that are tackling work/life balance and diversity from the ground up. New entries into old businesses that have reformulated the product and the marketing of it. Old school marketers upending their agency relationships for new approaches. And new creative crowdsourcing platforms that open up doors for everyone.

Come get inspired, meet people who took the plunge, and see what the stories of their adventures can do to inspire you to launch one of your own.

More details about the Small Agency Conference to come. Check back in May.

Highlights from the Small Agency Conference & Awards:


Questions? Email adagesmallagencyawards@crain.com