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Instructions for Judges:

Once you log into the judging platform, you will arrive at a homepage that will say, “Welcome (Your Name)” on the left-hand side.

To start judging, click on the link underneath that says “My Judging Assignments.”

That will lead you to a page that will display all the categories.

Click on “Open” to view the work in any of the categories.

That will lead you to another page listing the submissions in that category.

Click on the “View Application” black button to see the individual submissions. Each submission comprises multiple pages. Click on the grey “Next” button at the bottom of each page to get to the campaign descriptions and the work itself.

Once you have reviewed the work, rank it through the drop-down bar on the right side. Rank each campaign on a scale of 1-10. The descriptions should provide loose guidelines. Some may not directly apply as we also use them in evaluating the company submissions. Just go with what feels right, number-wise. You should be evaluating the work on its overall performances, paying mind to both business results and creativity.

Note--you are evaluating each piece of work on its own. It’s ok to give various campaigns the same ranking. The numbers will be tallied in the end with the other judges’ scores to determine the winners.